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Corion Fertility Clinic Private Limited, Mumbai, India, is our flagship clinic and has been offering Fertility and Surrogacy services to couples / Intended Parents (IP) from various countries since 2010.


Fertility and Surrogacy services across the world are regulated dissimilarly with a multitude of local and international constraints, Corion has received several requests from potential Intended Parents from around the world to help them navigate the various global and local regulatory requirements and provide standardized Fertility and Surrogacy services across locations around the world. The teams from Corion Fertility Clinic Pvt Ltd possess 75 Man years of experience dealing with Requirements, Regulations and Restrictions for Surrogacy Service from across the world and are well positioned to leverage this knowledge to the benefit of IP’s seeking Global Surrogacy Options.


In order to support the increasing requirements and enquiries received for Global Fertility and Surrogacy treatment options from IP’s and the complex nature of the regulations & restrictions across the world and within jurisdictions, Corion Fertility Clinic Pvt. Ltd., along with Graces International Assisted Reproductive Technology Services Inc., USA have collaborated with eminent Clinical and Logistical partners across the world to provide the most Optimal and Curated Fertility and Surrogacy services to the Intended Parents worldwide.

Graces International A.R.T. Services, Inc, USA along with Corion Fertility Clinic Pvt Ltd is now offering surrogacy services in Tbilisi, Georgia in collaboration with our local partners.

Why Georgia?

Georgia has developed as an eminent medical tourism destination for Individuals from across the world particularly in the fertility sector.

Laws relating to Fertility Treatment are well established and afford:
a) Protection,
b) Standardized Fertility services and
c) Good Clinical expertise.

The surrogates come from a lower middle-class background and have access to proper employment, modern amenities, and a hygienic residential atmosphere.

The service providers are well versed with the requirements, this considerably reduces the scope of any unforeseen difficulties.

Georgia is a tourist-friendly destination with pristine natural getaways and clean environment.


Our Service

Our Fertility and Surrogacy services have been molded to be flexible to the needs of our IPs from various jurisdictions of the world. We have created an ecosystem of Global Fertility and Surrogacy Services for IP’s seeking these services at global locations.


We gave protocols in place to verify that our partners ensure that all Donors and surrogates are compensated appropriately and timely for their help. The Process is documented at every step from surrogate / donor contracts to handing over the baby. The teams ensure that adequate support is provided throughout the process from Conception to Cradles and till the exit of the IP & their baby from Georgia. All correspondences and updates to the IPs are coordinated through our teams.


We possess an enormous experience (75 man years) in the field for Global Fertility and Surrogacy service requirements and restrictions, having successfully helped patients from around the world. We follow a strict standard to recruit donors and surrogates with the help of local partners for Surrogacy in Georgia.


We endeavor to provide:

A curated a set of local clinical & logistical partners.

Meaningful standards to provide Surrogacy

Robust protocols.

Experience 75 man years.

In addition to handholding the IP’s up to delivery of the surrogate, our teams also assist the IPs for obtaining of the birth certificates and provide appropriate support until the final exit with the baby from Georgia.

The Process

Step One: IP’s register into our program.


We take approx. 6 – 8 weeks to recruit a gestational surrogate. The recruitment process incorporates a thorough and strict screening process, which includes a hormonal screen as well as an infectious disease screen. A meeting with our counselor to explain the entire process prior to taking them into the Surrogacy program.


Step Two: Planning the IVF / ICSI / FET cycle. This part can be completed at the location chosen by the IP, be it in their own country, India, or Georgia.


IVF/ICSI cycle at Corion Fertility Clinic Pvt Ltd., in India, the wife will start her gonadotropin injections for forming multiple mature eggs in both her ovaries. It takes approx. 9-11 days for the wife to get ready for the egg retrieval. On the day of egg retrieval, the husband can give his semen sample for the fertilization process. Once embryos are formed, they will be frozen on D5. These embryos are then shipped to Georgia in cryotanks through a personalized courier service. Our team, that includes a doctor and an embryologist, then travel to Georgia and perform the embryo transfer into a surrogate. This personalized service ensures that the most delicate part of the process is always performed by our Surrogacy Services team.


IVF / ICSI cycle in Georgia, the cycle will be carried out with our partner clinics in Georgia. Our partner clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and the most advanced workstations and micromanipulators. We have access to 3 doctors, with more than 30 man years of experience in the field for Fertility treatment in Georgia, they are proficient at all the procedures related to IVF/ICSI doing approximately 1,000 cycles a year and maintaining very high success rates.

Post the Embryo transfer, the surrogate is prescribed a 15 day course of tablets and injections for luteal support, at the end of which a B-hCG test is performed to confirm pregnancy.


Our costs are customized as per the individual treatment plans, these are provided once the treatment plan is finalized. Considering the current scenarios and constraints due to the war in Ukraine and the Global pandemic / recessionary trends our costs need to be reviewed on a regular basis. We encourage you to register into the program to enable us to lock in as many costs as possible.

Norms for Surrogacy in Georgia

Compensated surrogacy is legal in Georgia since 1997. Some of the highlights of the Georgian law are:


Surrogacy is allowed only for intended parents who are legally married or are in a Live in relationship and heterosexual.

Surrogacy is allowed only for intended parents who are legally married or are in a Live in relationship and heterosexual.

The names of Intended Parents are registered in the birth certificate of the children born out of Surrogacy arrangements.

The birth certificate is issued within a day post-delivery of the child.

Embryo Transfer into a surrogate can be performed only after the surrogacy contract is notarized in Georgia. The agreement mentions the rights of the surrogate as well as that of the unborn child / children.


The exit process for the baby(ies) is similar to what was followed by our IPs in India. The only criteria is your country must allow the children born out of surrogacy arrangements back home.

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