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Graces International A.R.T Services

Graces International A.R.T Services is focused to provide Assisted Reproductive Technology Services across curated Global Services providers and locations. We have used our knowledge pool assimilated over the past 15 years to curate the best service providers across the world and present a bouquet of A.R.T services to discerning Intended Parent(s). Team Graces International A.R.T Services LLC has a cumulative work experience of more than 50 years of in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology Services.

Parenthood is ab initio a Complex process, when we add the requirement of A.R.T at international locations it becomes very formidable to the uninitiated and even to someone who has been through this journey, through our years of experience providing the happiness and satisfaction of becoming parents, we have cultivated a Global Portfolio of A.R.T clinics and aligned service providers at every location.

We endeavor to provide an effortless & enriching experience to the Intended Parent(s) this provides a satisfying journey to build families. We understand that every IP(s) has(have) unique needs and requirements, our teams are proficient at optimizing the services to support the requirements of respective Intended parent(s).

Our programs are Modern, Considerate and Comprehensive. The team thrives on providing compassionate care and services to all stake holders, Intended Parent(s), Donors, Surrogates, and other services providers. We provide appropriate guidance and service to LGBTQIA+ IP(s) and are known for our dedication for the well-being of all our stake holders.

We monitor and govern all our service providers to ensure Ethical & Legal protocols are always followed, Hand hold all stake holders (Intended Parent(s), Donors, Surrogates and other Service providers) through their respective processes. Provide a Connect with Surrogate, Clinic & other services providers (Translators, Lawyers, Local authorities, embassy, etc.).

Our Assisted Reproductive Technology Services

ART provides a worthy solution to Intended Parents facing fertility challenges. The journey of any Intended Parent into ART services is cluttered with multiple challenges, it also strains and hurts interpersonal relationships and has known to trigger socio-economic stress in families and sometimes among friends & communities. The Social stigma, lack of appropriate knowledge and availability of knowledgeable confidants also compounds their despair.

Graces International A.R.T has designed programs that try to address these challenges and are customizable to the unique needs of most of the Intended Parents.

Journey to Graces International A.R.T

The journey to Graces International A.R.T Services has its genesis in 2010 when Dr. Kaushal Kadam set up Corion Fertility Clinic in Mumbai India. This offering was primarily focused towards providing Standardized, Transparent, and globally harmonized A.R.T services at competitive costs in India.

Dr. Kaushal Kadam has provided the Joy of Parenthood to numerous Intended Parents across the globe, the testimonials and our global ambassadors are the greatest proof of our expertise and quality of service. Our endeavor to provide “Personal Care, Transparency & Quality” has reaped great experiences for our Intended Parents. This motto has been consistent across all our offerings globally.

Over the years, Dr. Kaushal Kadam and Corion Fertility Clinic have grown globally and are able to offer services at multiple jurisdictions across the world. Dr. Kaushal Kadam was joined by her husband Mr. Samir Kadam in 2015 to support the expanded offerings and coordinate the Surrogacy and Donor programs.

The primary driver for Graces International A.R.T Services is to consolidate all the Knowledge and Expertise acquired over the years of successful practice and offer this bouquet of curated services available across the world to discerning Intended Parents and Clinical Partners. Our Global perspective provides greater perspective and depth of quality and enables the Intended Parents take optimized financial and logistical decisions.

The current global regulatory environment is granulated and potholed with various jurisdictions offering various degrees of Freedoms, Services, Qualities and Risks. Having successfully navigated across these curated jurisdictions, Graces International A.R.T Services now offers these services under one platform.

Dr. Mrs. Kaushal Kadam
Dr. Mrs. Kaushal Kadam

Director Clinical Services & Quality

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To provide Standardized, Transparent, and Globally harmonized Assisted Reproductive Technology services to all.

Our Motto

Personal Care, Quality & Transparency” equals a great experience for all